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Patented in 122 countries and


Korea,Russia,Taiwan,China etc.

This new product can have 10 new different ways to keep fit by a variety of assembly.
Using 3 different assembling ways, It can offer 3 levels of resistance for Juveniles, ladies and gentlemen to exercise.

MAGIC BB will provide you with a great Ab workout and tone all the muscles

around your abdomen and oblique muscles.

Features & Benefits:

  • A simple, easy and effective system.
  • A Unique compact design that mimics motion of a crunch machine
  • Targets all the major ab muscle groups
  • Helps strengthen lower back, and takes away stress and strain
  • Offer 3 levels of resistance,it adjusts to virtually any fitness level.
  • Allows you to start at the low level and move up as you get stronger
  • Be used as a leg and thigh equipment.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to store.



Work your Entire Ab Region
+ Hips, Buns & Thighs



DIY- New Interpretation Way for Fitness

1 Product,3 Adjustment,For Whole Family Use£º

Combine the Magic BB with any method as you want.Each comb. provides different tension,function,and experience.Each comb. is correct.---This is the popular DIY concept.

Magic Comb.

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Magic Exercising
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Magic Curves

New Creative Concept£º

TVSHOPPING ADS HIGHTLIGHTS£ºIt¡¯s only for body slimming&Breast Augmentation!......

£¨It¡¯s not a cure for all diseases.The key point is¡°Breast Augmentation¡±------It just effects after 10 days!without having to undergo injection,medicine,and operation!Nor there¡¯re any rejections!Just to remove the extra superfluous meat to the breast by toning AB and to build pectoral muscles,thus to reach natural breast augmentation!£©

100% Real Experience£º

1£© Breast Augmentation£º

Hold the Magic BB with both hands and keep the hands straight.Close the Magic BB by pushing two hands inward,then open by loosening the hands outward.Recommended daily exercising times: 10-30 The breast will respond with a bloated and burning feeling after 10 days of exercising-building pectoral muscles contributes to natural augmentation ¡£

It also helps to strengthen arm and thigh to enhance women self-defense power!¡£

Breast Augmentation¡¡Only Needs 10 Days
Muscle Toning(Chest & Arm)¡¡Only Needs 10 Days
2£© Muscle Toning for Men(Chest & Arm)£º

Hold the Magic BB with both hands.Straighten the body to 180¡ãand do push-up exercises.Rebound the body by pushing the Magic BB suddenly.Repeat practising.Recommended daily exercising times: 10-30

The chest and arm will feel more bulged after 10 days of exercising!

Body Shaping & Slimming¡¡Only Needs 10 Days
3£© Body Shaping & Slimming for Women£º

Hold the Magic BB with both hands.Push it with the back until the two pipes bite each other then rebound the body forward.Repeat practicing.Recommended daily exercising times:10-30

Abdomen and waist will feel slim and soft after 10 days of exercising.Relieves lumbar vertebra diseases


Method 1 :

Fitness location:
Abdomen, thigh

Fitness mode:
Sit-up A

1.Place the product beneath your back,till the body is comfortable.
2.Lie the upper body down behind, while stretch legs, repeat-edly.

Effect description:
exercise six muscles on abdomen, burn abdominal fat rapidly:make legs thinner and slenderer with effective stretching legs.

Method 2:

Fitness location:
upper limbs, chest waist, back and abdomen

Fitness mode:

1.Support the body with hands against the floor, place Magic BB beneath abdomen, till the body is comforatable.
2.Do push-ups with this assistance.

Effect description:
exercise muscles on abdomen and back, farewell to tripe-belly and bear-back,train muscles on arms at the same time. People who with abesity, lacking of exercises, are unable to support the body with arms can do push-ups easily, with multipurpose home gym beneath abdomen, functioning as elastic and supportive force and strengthening arms

Method 3:

Fitness location:
chest arms

Fitness mode:
strong-arm & breast

1. Hold each cotton tube by central parts.
2. Merge two hands in front of chest, repeat.

Effect description:
exercise muscles on chest and arms, endow gentlemen with tough peactoral muscles.

Method 4:

Fitness location:
waist, abdomen

Fitness mode:

1.Sit with legs crossed place Magic BB on legs,hold another end in armpit
2.Push from one side, keep still for 2 seconds and get back to original gesture, repeat
3.Do the same motion from both sides.

Effect description:
1.Burn the fat on the sides of waist rapidly
2.Farewell to barrel-waist. Turn the body and keep pushing till the waist muscles are acid and swelling, you will get a thin waist.

Method 5:

Fitness location:
thigh, abdomen

Fitness mode:

1.Sit still, place Magic BB between two legs.
2.Hold the circle tightly with hands, fold and unfold legs repeatedly, merge legs to the limit.

Effect description:
exercise muscles on legs, remove fat from thighs, move muscles on abdomen.

Method 6:

Fitness location:

Fitness mode:

1.Sit still with legs crossed if you like, place Magic BB on legs by one end and against the chest
2.Lean the body forward, hold the sircle tightly, pushing repeatedly.

Effect description:
exercise abdominal muscles, burn fat on abdomen

Method 7:

Fitness location:
abdomen, thigh, hip

Fitness mode:
supine & legs-bend

1.Lie on back, place the circle on abdomen, bend legs and push repeatedly.
2.Keep still when the circle is close to the chest, keep breathe stable, repeat.

Effect description:
exercise muscles on abdomen and hip, farewell to baggy buttocks.

Method 8:

Fitness location:

Fitness mode:

1. Sit still, place Magic BB beneath legs.
2. Tranple one end of the circle with legs, push the circle with the force of legs, repeat.

Effect description:
activate joints of legs, stretch ligaments of legs, relax muscles of legs. Suitable for the aged.

Method 9 :

Fitness location:

Fitness mode:
side push

1.Sit and place Magic BB beside the body lean one side of the body to the sinking part of Magic BB
2.Support the body with one hand holding the floor, keep still
3.Push Magic BB with the strength of one side of the body, 4change another side of the body, repeat

Effect description:
exercise muscles on side-abdomen effectively.

Method 10 :

Fitness location:

Fitness mode:

Sit-up B

1. Place the sinking part of the circle beneath the back, sit in the circle like the picture
2.Stretchstraightly from shank to tiptoe, with hands holding the head, sit up with the assistance of Magic BB's elastic.

Effect description:
The circle pushes withless strength for this mode, so more strength of abdomen is needed, hence exerciseabodminal muscles more effectively.

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