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Auto Pet Feeder

Patent products: Auto pet feeder
(auto dried food feeder + water receiver intelligentized supplying water)
Fit for pup, kitty and other small pets.
For your convenience, the feeder is available to feeding at any time
Auto supply system, don't need electrical power with economization£»
It can auto supply for 7-10 days in one time, if you are out.
Environment protection material is safe to human body.
There are many colors and designs with accurate and perfect parts disassembly set.
With fluent radian solid sculpt, it is the best present for your pet.
Assembly method and instruction£º
1¡¢Press main body of outer covering into base plate then fix it up.
2¡¢Open the cover and put some foods in it.
3¡¢Place the bottle into water case.
Color inside
Color may be a little different from goods
Brown Pink Gray Special
¡¡Category ¡¡Size ¡¡Remarks
¡¡Material ¡¡ABS
¡¡Size(product) ¡¡20*29.7*37cm
¡¡Size(box) ¡¡20*24.5*30.5cm
¡¡OUT MEAS ¡¡81*31.5*74cm
¡¡Quantity ¡¡12PCS
¡¡Capacity for food


¡¡Water ¡¡490ml
¡¡Weight ¡¡2.3lbs¡¡¡¡1040g ¡¡Except box lbs(g)
Function, Theory & Design

*Appearance Design
Fluent arc solid shape + pet cartoon design
Feeder baseplateits height is risen at 9.5cm with ladder-type are appearance, which can keep pet away from food so prevent low part of pet ears from inflammation.
As well widen the base and fix 4 pieces of support legs with cat /dog ear shapes.
Feeder cover:install the snapclose device, even if the feeder is fallen, the food in it do not come out.
*Dry Food Output System
Triple-combination Intelligent Output Food Design£¨apply G-force barycenter theory£©It is convenient for special-form foods to lay off and automatically supply.
Dry food feeder suits for such special-shaped foods as granular, square, strip, laminar etc.
Collocation£º45¡ãtaper concave slope of chassis¡¯s main body+ elastic material output bar of case shell's main body + 30¡ãstrip arcual fillister of chassis¡¯s main body.
Material Output Process£ºFrom up to down, food firstly arrives at material output bar, then lays off from taper concave slope, finally, food gets into round basin on baseplate after mutual effect through arcual fillister.
Accurately control food capacity£ºPet food passing hemicycle outlet just fills in round basin on baseplate, not slop over.
Humanization design£º1¡¢When pet eats up the food in round basin, within the 80% of normal feeding amount, its attention will transfer, meanwhile, the "8" shape on the bottom of feeder baseplate at both sides of hemicycle outlet can prevent food from irregularly discharging, there is no food any more in the round basin2¡¢When pet needs continually eat,the food is led off again through hemicycle outlet, then enter round basin so then pet conveniently takes food.

Besides, there are quantitative switches are available for consumer's choice and use.

*Watering System of Cistern
Intelligent Touching Water Supplying DesignWhen pet touches water supply switch, water jug will automatically supply liquid, while liquid valve will automatically close when pet leaves.
Humanization Design: Overmuch liquid instantly tickling can automatically flow into concave water tank on flitter of feeder to avoid ground dirty

*Safe Performance
Humanization design, intelligent control, dispense with power, easy and safe to use.It is made from ABS innocuous material to insure our pet free from hurt by electric appliances when host is outgoing.
Isolation Chamber Design£ºThe close-type isolation chamber between dry food feeder and water tank can protect food from mildew.

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