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Watch this space!

2020 hottest TV shopping fitness equipment (globally patented)-12 IN 1 AB BODYROBUST coming soon!

12 IN 1 AB BODYROBUST  beats anysimilar products like 5mins shaper pro in any way!!!















Not 5 minutes, but only 5 seconds, you will be greatly impressed!

------Climbing exercise, Horse riding exercise, Slide chin up, Sit-ups, Push-ups¡­..

You can be Mr. Bodybuilder or Miss Fitness too, thanks to AB BODYROBUST!

Please remember:

¡¤ This is a professional type of comprehensive power build-up type exercise equipment!

¡¤ AB BODYROBUST historically filled the blank for home-exercise equipment without power type.

¡¤ This is a ¡°5mins shaper¡± with super high power type. It helps you to complete explosive muscle exercise at home to easily become a super muscular MAN.

¡¤ It makes it possible for people to exercise with high power intensity in doing chin-ups, sit-ups, push-ups and horse riding , to build up chest and arm muscle, to slim up waist and abdomen, and to shape hips and legs.

¡¤ Absolutely different from any ordinary device of the same look, AB BodyRobust functions as an electric treadmill with many powerful features rather than an ordinary one, which takes the lead in home fitness and will definitely make it a new hit around the world.

¡¤ With its innovative design and international patents, AB BODYROBUST has made a successful breakthrough and filled the historical blank of home-exercise equipment with no muscle build-up function.

What are you still waiting for?

Come and take your action for right now!







Covers all the functions of 7 other machines together:

Old style 5mins shaper pro £¨power plank£©,sit up bench,horse riding mahine,push up bar,leg machine,arm muscle toner,chin up bar.




12 IN 1 AB BODYROBUST has obtained global patents,inc.USA,Japan

,Korea,Taiwan,and EU.TVshopping infomercial is available now.

Global TV shopping campaigns will be launched very soon in 2016.




Our products have been regarded as MADE IN JAPAN products over the past 10 years and have been RE-EXPORTED from Japan to HK,Taiwan,Singapore,Malaysia,Indonesia,Thailand,Vietnam,and VIP.COM China.

Our company, which possesses 18 years¡¯experience on continuous commodity developing as TVSHOPPING supplier, has sold to Japan by direct trade with self-owned brand for 15 years. Based on the sight of TVSHOPPING business, we develop new commodities to meet market demand, and obtain worldwide patents over 120 countries to protect local distributors¡¯legal rights and interests. Therefore our new developed commodities achieve general success in worldwide TVSHOPPING trade, and have triggered rounds ofsales boom.

All our products are for export with 65% of which targeted to Japanese market. The supply to Japan with self-owned brand has lasted for 15 years, and the domestic and overseas patents obtained have accumulated to more than 500.

Raytheon is the only Chinese national brand in overseas fitness equipment field.

Our Guarantee: Core components of new products enjoy a life-time warranty!





















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